Echotech are IT services contractors providing Business IT Support and Computer Services.  We cover these and other locations regularly within 30 miles of Horley, Surrey.  We Do not work in London.

Echo Technologies (EchoTech) is the new re-branding name for the former Computazone.  Since 1994, Echotech have been providing server, desktop, networking and other related repair and support services to SMB’s.  Feel free to reach out to us for a no obligation consultation to repair and or maintain your business IT environment.  We can operate alongside your in-house personnel or any other contractors to provide one-off or ongoing business IT support and computer services to you.

Featured services your business can expect from EchoTech.  Should you be unsure if we could help, then please reach out and contact us. 


We provide Apple product support and repairs


Microsoft Windows product support and repairs


We can supply and install networking equipment.


We can supply, install and configure wi-fi equipment.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery and Secure Drive Scubbing

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Support for Workstations & Laptops

We have provided support for these and many other products